How Not to (S)mother Your Man and How to Keep A Woman Happy: A Simple Guide to Falling and Staying In Love For Both Men and Women

Now men and women will learn in a simple way how to fall in love and stay in love! Love doesn’t have to be so hard! Whether you are a Curing and Forgiving Adultery couple or are single, says Dr. Bonnie, rated one of America’s and New York City’s best therapists, who has a 98% rate of couples who stay together!

Since men were little boys and had to leave their mothers to become “masculine”, their capacity for intimacy with women has been forever compromised. Finally… this ground breaking book teaches men the intimacy they’ve been craving for! How to love a woman and listen to her and value her without fear.

This book teaches women how to handle commitment phobic men, how to get around “not telling a man what to do”, how to help a man not walk out of the room during a discussion – how to handle man’s physiological discomfort of confrontation.

Men can finally learn how to love and lean on a woman with comfort. This book teaches men how to tell women what they’ve always wanted and to show them how. Men and women will be amazed how they handled each other before and pushed each other away, and can with the help from this guide dance towards each other for good!

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