Don’t Break Up…
Wake Up and Make Up

Most relationships can be saved! Sometimes you need to Wake Up, Shake Up and possibly even Break Up before you can Make Up.

In this newest edition of Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil’s book Make Up Don’t Break Up – Finding and Keeping Love for Singles and Couples, you will learn to bring back the love with Dr. Bonnie’s Smart Heart Skills and Dialogue which is the glue even when the relationship is new! Singles and couples will:

  • Learn how to keep a relationship growing.
  • Learn How to Fall Back in Love.
  • Learn how to have an affair… with your partner.

This new edition of this book also comes with access to
Falling in Love and Staying in Love, Dr. Bonnie’s video for singles and couples.

This new edition speaks to men as well as women! (Especially see the new chapter 8 in our second edition!)

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Falling in love is easy – staying in love is hard.

If you’ve ever yearned for a connection, wanted more intimacy in your relationship, or worried that you and your partner are falling out of love, internationally acclaimed therapist Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil is here to help.

In her new edition of Make Up, Don’t Break Up,  #1 love expert Dr. Bonnie offers her cutting-edge yet heartfelt advice on how to get your relationship to soar. She walks you through the many stages of a relationship’s and it’s connections/disconnections so that you will be able to reconnect.

With 3 new chapters on the male dilemma of intimacy, long-distance relationships and dancing with your crucible.  Make Up, Don’t Break Up teaches you how to find the love you’ve been seeking and make the commitment last. Dr. Bonnie’s groundbreaking communication skills will have men listening and talking rather than shutting down and walking! The most misread signal in dating and marriage is men’s distancing and disconnecting. Make Up Don’t Break Up will teach you how to connect and bring back the romance magic!

The newest edition of the book will show you how to fix your relationship so you can make it, not break it.

“Dr. Eaker Weil has achieved an excellent synthesis of marital theory and practice. She has presented her effective process with such straightforward and simple language, extensive details, and enthusiasm that all singles and couples who read this book cannot help but be inspired to “make up.” This is among the most helpful, complete, and positive manuals for saving a relationship that I have seen.”

– Harville Hendrix, Ph.D.
Author of Bestsellers Getting the Love You Want, Keeping the Love You Find and co-author of Giving the Love That Heals

Dr. Bonnie knows how to make a relationship last.  Her success rate is phenomenal- 98% of the couple she works with stays together with her valuable Smart Heart Skills. “I can save any relationship, if I’m given a chance and the people involved are willing”. With this new edition and companion DVD,  will learn the skills which will help you find the opportunity for lasting love.

She says Staying in love is hardFalling in love is easy !  That’s exactly what Make Up, Don’t Break Up will help you do – and it shows you that the best time to start is NOW!

Make Up, Don’t Break Up comes with access to Dr. Bonnie’s online video for singles and couples, “Falling in Love and Staying in Love”:


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