In a recent story on CNN they showed that plastic surgery post- divorce is on the rise.  This is also known as “Vengeance” Plastic Surgery.  This day in age women are coming out of nasty break ups and they are increasingly turning to cosmetic surgery.  “It is a good pick me up and a fresh start in a newly single world.  Cosmetic surgery may not be for some, but I strongly believe in whatever a person needs to do to feel beautiful and love themselves.  If a person does not have love and respect for themselves, it will make it hard for them to be ready for another serious relationship”.   According to a survey by The National Women’s Health Resource Centre, it showed that more than 40% of the women who go in for cosmetic surgery after divorce do so simply because they want to look and feel good.  Another 13% admit they do it to attract a new lover.  For relationship tips whether Making Up or Breaking Up, can be found in my book Make Up Don’t Break with accompanying DVD Falling In Love and Staying in Love.


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