Have you heard about the new hit series on Netflix? “13 Reasons Why” is the talk of the internet right now with people coming out in support and against it.  I applaud Netflix for them utilizing their platform to help teens and parents understand depression and what a teen goes through with bullying and self esteem issues. Some find it frightening but it realistically deals with rape and rape prevention and suicide and suicide prevention. I watched it with my husband and

after each episode, the actors talk about the episode and they direct audiences to websites where they can get help and discuss signs of depression and suicide.

I think the backlash is particularly severe because the material is so disturbing–especially surrounding sexual assault and bullying.  It’s supposed to be shocking so you take this seriously and they want people to see the warning signs. It scares people and I think that’s what they set out to do. Make people realize how dangerous bullying is, show audiences how people minimize it and how difficult for teens and parents how hard it is to recognize this and how hard it is to express feelings when you yourself don’t know you are feeling this.

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