Fighting Fair To Bring On Passion And Prevent Infidelity

If single or married:

Are you worried that you’re fighting over the same things and does that mean the honeymoon is over?

Relationship is or will be ending?

Actually without fighting there is no igniting passion, conflict is necessary for a healthy relationship. Polite relationships and marriages are higher in adultery because we need that “edge, spice, and sizzle.” Only the ” fair fighting” way allows the honeymoon to return and brings on lifelong commitment. Some ground rules of my “fighting fair” Smartheart Skills and Dialogue:

Make an appointment with permission – Time limited, keep it short, ten minute to start.
Time outs are necessary, especially for men who are overwhelmed with “talking a relationship to death.”

Do not minimize or “but” your partner’s feelings.

After fighting, reverse the negativity and bring on the endorphins (ex: kissing, touching, or making love).

Break ups or divorce are caused by not “checking in” with each other on a daily basis, and announcing you and your partner’s “script” so there are no misunderstandings. When you check in you will find out your partner’s language of feeling loved, rather than your perceived script of him/her (it’s usually not correct).

When my husband, Jeff and I shared our scripts, we felt it’s one of the best and easiest way to let each other know the way you need to be loved.

Because everyone has different thoughts, beliefs, and feelings concerning how they want things to go, and think they should go. No one script is the same, but often in relationships, we get angry at our partner for having a different script. We don’t share our scripts because we think our partner already knows what we want, we fear the repercussions of asking for what we want, or we assume that we won’t get it anyway, so why bother.

Being “polite,” “nice,” or “flexible” does not allow you or your partner to say no. At times, especially for men, they don’t know how they really feel so they often give knee jerk reactions of yes, when they really mean no (a delayed reaction). Using my Smartheart Skills and Dialogues will prevent these types of misunderstandings so both partner’s needs can be met.

Overcoming men’s “allergy” to women’s emotionality is a skill that can be learned. Men—as you learn your partners’ scripts, depersonalize your partner’s frustrations, listen, and validate, your partners’ needs will seem less overwhelming, and your own need for space will be less of an issue.

Women—as the Connection Guardian, with these skills and dialogues your partner will feel safer, more relaxed, and more passionate with you and you will feel more at ease and sure of the relationship.

Both men and women need to help the other break unhealthy patterns before they destroy the relationship. In my sessions with couples, I teach them how to coach each other and be coachable.

For more ground rules and skills and dialogues on increasing passion and sizzle through the necessary “fair fighting” I go further in depth in Make Up, Don’t Break Up: Finding and keeping love for singles and couples.

You can also apply for a Free 30-minute Ideal Relationship breakthrough sessions with me to help you get the passion and sizzle to restore the magic in your relationship or marriage.

Here is to finding and keeping real love!


Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil
Love and Relationship Expert

3 Signs It May Be Time for You to Have a Relationship Mentor

Many people I meet with that are having relationship challenges, need more than a few sessions with a therapist.  What they really need is a relationship mentor; someone that can help them shorten the learning curve in having their ideal relationship whether married or single.

Many more try to do it all alone only to find themselves stuck and never truly living the relationship bliss that is available to them with some clear direction and guidance.

Are you struggling with a relationship that has lost it’s sizzle?

Are you looking to attract the man or woman of your dreams and not having much luck?

Are you plagued by money problems in your relationship?

Have you or your partner had an affair, and the trust is gone?

Have you found yourself in a relationship that feels unsatisfying or just toxic?

All the while thinking that this is what marriage or partnering is and you need to just deal with it.  If so, exploring the possibility of having a relationship mentor may be a good next step.

In many cases people I end up working with, as a relationship mentor, feel like they have no other choice if divorce is not an option because of kids, religious beliefs, etc.Not everyone is ready to have a relationship mentor, but there are signs that this may be the time to consider exploring the idea.

Here are a few:

  1. You and your partner seem to be arguing a lot, always about the same thing. Never getting any headway. – Did you know that conflict can be healthy and necessary for passion?  But it’s essential to know how to bring on the sizzle with fighting fair.
  2. You suspect an affair, or there has been one, and it’s not working. – Maybe you’ve had traditional talk therapy, but it really hasn’t established a real sense of trust that it won’t happen again. – I treat adultery as a physiological disease and have a groundbreaking approach that has a 98% cure rate using my integrated approach.
  3. Money or finances is a big issue in your relationship. – Money is the number one relationship wrecker because opposites often attract.  A relationship usually has one spender and one saver type, so you have to learn how to have conversations about touchy subjects like money and sex in a way that helps you both get your needs met.
  4. There are commitment issues. – Your partner is moody, selfish, uncooperative, or narcissistic and you are breaking up or want to break up.

You see, I know what it feels like to want a great relationship and doubt HOW to actually do it. That is how I came to create my Ideal Relationship Mentor system. It works with couples, singles or even just one person.

I know most relationships can be saved if you have the right support and guidance.

I am blessed to have worked as a relationship therapist and mentor for over 35 years, to help people with relationship problems that many felt could not be solved. Many had worked with therapists and had just about given up when they found me. I have a global phone-based practice, so I can work with people all over the world and for those that want in person support, I have a private practice in New York City. I am so grateful to have a 98% success rate!

In only 30 minutes, I’d like to help you have a major breakthrough in what has felt like a relationship nightmare.

Typically, private relationship breakthrough session calls with me cost a minimum of $400. Why am I doing this for free? Because I know if you have some loving direction and support, YOU can be successful NOW, and I want to support you and the success of your relationship.

Whether you are married or single and have been trying to work on your relationship for years, I am here to help!

BUT I only have 10 spots available for a complimentary breakthrough session on the phone.

My gift to you is available for 72 hours.   Reserve a spot to chat with me at a time — within the next 4 weeks — that works for you!

Reserve your spot now, so you can have a clear plan that will propel you to a more successful relationship in the next 90 days or less.

These sessions will be handpicked and qualified based on your level of interest, commitment, and the order it was received.  We will determine your qualifications based on a simple questionnaire that you can complete in as little as 5 minutes.

Wouldn’t it be great to have your plan in place to have the fulfilling relationship you deserve now?

Click here to get started today

Here’s what people are saying:

 Using your techniques to overcome the issues in my 4-year relationship… I am now happily remarried, living in London and loving my work helping others to create successful relationships and to move forward with their lives after bereavement.
It’s been the case of “teacher, heal thyself” and I love the information you have made available in your books “Adultery the Forgivable Sin and Make Up, Don’t Break Up.   ~ Shelly

  Dr. Bonnie – Thank you so much for your amazing material.  It’s my bible when dealing with men. I’ve even had clients say “if I had this book ….years ago I wouldn’t have lost my boyfriend/husband wouldn’t have had an affair… etc.

I myself am now only just now embarking on a serious search for a relationship and your book has the pages tabbed and marked with highlighted. Ha Ha!   ~S. Courtis

Here is to finding and keeping real love!

Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil, Ph.D
Love and Relationship Expert
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