Your book “Make up Don’t Break up” has become the standard gift for all my clients who sign up for their Coaching sessions with me.

I was introduced to Imago therapy 9 years ago in South Africa, when my late husband was diagnosed as terminally ill, and I started therapy with the children.

What a wonderful adventure of discovery and growth, that made all the difference to communicating with my children, while dealing with the pain of loss and moving on. Meeting Harville Hendrix in 2004 in Johannesburg was an added bonus.

Now happily remarried, (using the techniques to overcome the issues in my delicious 4 year relationship), living in London and loving my work helping others to create successful relationships, and to move forward with their lives after bereavement.

It’s been the case of “teacher heal thyself” and I love the information you have made available in your books “Adultery the forgivable sin and Make up don’t break up”.

I look forward to following the gems you share and wish you well.

Warm greetings


I think about Bonnie often. As I wrote in my e-mail the impact her influence and guidance had and continues to have on my life was by no means confined to that short 18 or so month(s) period that I was in contact with her in the late 70’s. It was evident to me then just how much helping people is not only a part of her life, but pretty much defines who she is. I couldn’t be more proud to be connected with someone as I am to her.

I fact, that word, “connection” holds a very special place for me when it comes to my thinking about Bonnie as that was the word she told me was going to be the nucleus of our work when I began seeing her. She said Frank, the objective of our work together is to get you comfortable with and learning how to “connect” with this human situation.

My motivation to see Bonnie back then were periodic episodes of nearly physically debilitating anxiety attacks. Episodes of paralyzing fear that would engrip me without warning and would hit anytime throughout the course of any given day.

Funny, in therapy with Bon I never made a conscious connection between my learning how to connect, and the anxieties leaving me, but they did. And they left me completely. Till this day, I’ve NEVER AGAIN felt those feelings of dread and fear.

She’s a great lady and I’m always so proud when I see her in the media. Again I couldn’t be more proud to be affiliated with someone as I am with her.

You can use anything you’d like for anything you’d like as far as testimonials are concerned.

Send her by love and perhaps I’ll see her soon.

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