At Rutgers University, a professor has done a study behind adultery and how it links to Vasopressin.  Helen Fisher, a research professor in the Department of Anthropology has studied adultery and infidelity for 35 years.  She has found biological and psychological reasons as to why people have a propensity to cheat.  Dr. Bonnie cures adultery in her patients and finds there are 3 major points when it comes to adultery/infidelity:
* Anyone that commits adultery has a high level of vasopressin which is the risk taking thrill seeking hormone found in men.
* Vasopressin is higher in people with OCD.
* When somebody has high vasopressin it makes them very anxious.  High powered executives, politicians, celebrities and others with stressful jobs have high vasopressin.

Dr. Bonnie says “What calms the anxiety down is the stress busting self medicating high which is usually adultery.  High profiled individuals/politicians live on the edge, when they live on the edge they get anxious and they need to calm down.  Sex is the stress busting self medicating high.”


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