Wouldn’t life be easy if people were like mood rings where they would change color depending on mood? Or perhaps were like Facebook where you could read their mood status at any given moment? Many couples may know their partner is unhappy but they don’t know how to change it and make it better. How to bring back the honeymoon feeling of when they first fell in love and bring back the “romance magic” that sizzle of when they first met! I specialize in assisting couples in finding that spark that initially started the fire between the couple. Couples need to fight fair to air the issues weekly to create the passion the relationship needs.

Some tips for couples to get back that sizzle:

Check in daily to see if your partner is feeling loved the way they need to be loved, are they getting enough attention and are all their needs met? Significant others need to walk in each others shoes to feel how they feel.

Couples should give verbal aphrodisiacs daily to increase the passion and each others self esteem. Tell your partner something that will make them feel good daily, you’re so beautiful, I love your hair that way, dinner is amazing. Verbal aphrodisiacs are imperative in any relationship.

Give each other a 30 second kiss and 20 second hug to bond you and increase the oxytocin levels in your brain. This is the feel good hormone that will make you feel like you first fell in love.

Everyone needs to learn the keys to a lasting relationship, and the importance of fighting fair. Relationships require daily work and daily rituals to keep strong. Learn more tips to keep every relationship feeling new in my online course. https://www.ed2go.com/online-courses/marriage-and-relationships?tab=detail


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