Sandra Bullocks husband may have cheated on her.  This infidelity supposedly happened while she was away filming her new movie “The Blind Side”.  This could have been caused by separation, which leads to the bio chemical craving for connection.  High profile actors/actresses have a higher instances of adultery due to the power/risk struggle, such as Tiger Woods.  More power, the more risk a person will take.  As we know, Bullocks husband-Jesse James– heavily tattooed is quite a risk taker, adultery may have been his outlet to fill the risk taking void.  Sandra Bullock was at the pinnacle of her career.  How ironic she said in her acceptance speech, that Jesse was the only one that ever watched her back, now he stabbed her in the back.  She was so happy and this was the worse time, as it is undoing all the work she has done all these years in her career.
This situation is not the first, but appears to be a trend and Dr. Bonnie Weil has tips to avoid and break the cycle.  Many Oscar winners have broken up after winning- due to loss and separation–

Sandra Bullock
Hillary Swank
Ben Affleck
Kate Winslow
Julia Roberts
Halle Berry
Here are the things to prevent cheating because of a biochemical craving
for connection:

1. Talk on the phone not text or email for a dopamine high
2. Give verbal aphrodisiacs
3. Go on location with your partner
4. Plan weekend rendezvous, like Fantasy Fridays!

In the book Make Up Don’t Break Up there is a chapter on Long Distance Relationships.

Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil is known as the “Adultery Buster” and the #1 Love Expert in the World.  She is the author of the Best Selling book Make Up Don’t Break Up (second edition due out March 2010 with accompanying DVD “Falling in Love and Staying in Love for Singles and Couples”) as well as Adultery the Forgivable Sin.  Dr. Bonnie focuses on couples, singles and families (including children and her innovative theory- Family Play Therapy) For further information on Adultery/Addictions and how to how to cushion the pain a child feels – please visit for contact info.

COMING UP: Discovery Health Channel “Unfaithful” featuring Dr. Bonnie and her patients on adultery/cybersex.  9pm EST, April 4th


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