Adultery The Forgivable Sin

Adultery is a treatable, curable and forgivable sin!

With Dr. Bonnie’s groundbreaking theory and treatment – The Bio Chemical Craving for Connection.

  • 1 partner in 80% of marriages commits adultery
  • Marriages break up at a rate of 50%
  • Second marriages break up at rate of 66%
  • Third marriages at a rate of 70%

In this new edition Dr. Weil reveals how to overcome the pain of betrayal and learn to heal the rift that adultery causes in a relationship.

Statistically, only 35% of unions survive an affair. By teaching you and your partner the gift of forgiveness, Dr. Weil’s proven methods will increase the odds to a happy 98%… with a healthier, more intimate relationship.

This book provides practical exercises to cushion the pain, and her innovative therapy for children that you can do at home.  This innovative theory that I developed is called “Family Play Therapy” and is used on children starting at age 2.

Dr. Weil teaches you how balancing brain chemicals can help to finally cure the epidemic of adultery and get you to “feel” so you can fall back in love with your partner! Learn how to create the same chemicals we make when we are truly happy or in love. Find out how to have an affair… with your own partner!

This book demonstrates many of the above ideas. If one agrees with these ideas, the book will enlarge and clarify them. If one does not agree, it will stimulate thought and discussion.

When to stay or When to go?
When and how to confront the mistress?
How to confess and confront an affair.
What gory details to ask or not to ask the adulterer.

Dr. Weil was the consultant for the Lifetime movie “Silence of Adultery” starring Kate Jackson adapted from the best seller Adultery the Forgivable Sin.

“Adultery never happens to one person. It is a systemic event which, if unexamined, will continue to wreak havoc on later generations. If it is a sin, that is why it is sinful.”

Thomas F. Fogarty, M.D.
Associate Director, Emeritus
The Center for Family Learning
Ryebrook, New York

“This is a humane, compassionate, and very practical book. Insightful and useful to all – couples and singles – recovering from the ravages of infidelity.”
Harville Hendrix, Ph.D.
Best selling author of “Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples”

“An independent well-written book that offers the reader a deeper understanding of infidelity and the possibility of healing a broken relationship.”
Barbara De Angelis, Ph.D.
best selling author of Are You The One For Me?

“An extremely helpful, much needed book on a subject every woman thinks about.”
Ladies Home Journal

Adultery The Forgivable Sin is available at

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