These are the questions to ask:

  • Does he disconnect and expect to pick up and reconnect where he left off with no explanation?
  • Does he talk the talk , but not walk the walk?
  • Does he show no empathy if he hurts you?
  • Does he accuse you of overreacting rather than take accountability for his actions?
  • Does he blame you for wanting too much when he disappoints you?
  • Does he project his shortcomings onto you?
  • Is he allergic to your emotions and discussions?

If you answered yes to these questions, it’s time to learn what to do with and how to handle a narcissistic partner.

Many that are narcissistic are actually connectable by instruction with learned “Smart Heart Skills.”
Watch and share Dr. Bonnie’s video on narcissistic partners:

For more tips check out my online education2go course. Why not invite your partner to join you?…/marriage-and-relationships
“I will connect with you, detach myself from my own thoughts and intentions so I can hear you and walk in your shoes”
This is an example of a SmartHeart Vow from real-life couples. They are demonstrating fighting fair as seen in free bonus video that comes with purchase of Dr. Bonnie’s book, Make Up, Don’t Break Up:…/…/ref=sr_1_2…
Never underestimate the power of love and never take it for granted!


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