New York currently has one of the lowest divorce rates in the country due to their divorce laws.  Currently couples must work through their problems in which therapy is usually used to do so.  To get a divorce, one party must allege cruel and/or inhuman treatment or adultery, or the couple must be legally separated for at least one year.  On Tuesday the State Senate made a step toward adopting the No Fault Divorce, in which they will be the last state to do so.  This in turn will cause a much higher divorce rate.  “No fault will not help us, we need to take time to sort out our differences.  We don’t want to have a divorce, we need to save a relationship and work through the problems. Couples need to make up and not break up” Says Dr. Bonnie Weil a NY therapist known as “The Adultery Buster and  The #1 Love Expert in the World”.

Dr. Bonnie has written the best selling book Make Up Don’t Break Up which speaks on how to save your relationship and bring back the love using her Smart Heart Skills and Dialogue.


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