I don’t know about you, but I’m still reeling from Sunday’s Oscars twist ending. I’ve never seen anything like it–on Hollywood’s biggest night no less.

It was clear that Warren Beatty knew that something was wrong when he looked at that envelope, so what can we learn from what Beatty did? What should regular folks do when in a pressure situation? Despite pressure, if you think something is wrong, what should you do?

It’s ok to question something even if you’re under pressure! Stop, pause, announce problem and ask for help, trust your own instincts, you can make a mistake and admit it. Immediately ask for help if something does not seem right! Trust your first instinct and announce it, so it does not look like your mistake. This is particularly hard for men to do. Don’t second guess yourself, which is why he asked Faye for her opinion in roundabout way. Immediately say: I need to pause here to double check the envelope.


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