Today is Giving Tuesday!
So how can you give? also by receiving! In order to love you have to be able to RECEIVE the “giving” from your partner whether emotionally or even a surprise. Many givers have trouble receiving. I like to give this exercise today on Giving Tuesday: surprise your partner with a gift–like a book or a thoughtful knick knack and practice how it feels to give and receive. There is a dopamine rush when we give, called the “helper’s high.” My father described that when he gave and instilled in me the peace we feel when we give, which is why I became a therapist! Take today to give, do something like say hi or smile to a child or elderly person you see, or help an elderly person cross the street. Give to your loved one and remember work on feeling more comfortable receiving. My book “Make Up, Don’t Break Up” and online education to-go course, Marriage and Relationships: Keys to Success:…/marriage-and-relationships describes this rush. Sometimes, the dopamine rush we seek out , exhibits itself in a dysfunctional way. Giving will give you same rush some people get from adultery or financial infidelity. Tis the season to give , but make sure to give and receive all year round!!


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