As another cold front passes through the Northeast, couples should use it as an excuse to make some long-lasting winter memories. Not being able to get to scheduled appointments – like work, school, meetings, etc – can be stressful. Instead of getting stressed, use the mandatory down-time to rekindle a spark with their significant other. It can be important to refocus this downtime and feel like it’s being put to good use. Here are a few of the things I recommend to have a winter affair with your own partner:

Mix up a hot drink and then cozy up with each other. Whether it’s hot chocolate or hot toddy, getting warm together doesn’t HAVE to involve sex! Start out with something simple like a drink to warm up and snuggle up together by reading a book, playing a game, or beginning a project.

Let it lead to sex. Studies show that during big storms people usually make love, make babies or fight. Starting by reconnecting with something simple (a book, a game, etc.), can lead to a more intimate conclusion. Make the most of your time indoors, since there’s nowhere else to go, even if you wanted to. Instead of letting obligations cause stress, let go of responsibilities by having an affair with your own partner. I mention this technique in my book, Make up Don’t Break up, where I give couples tools for rekindling romance.

Get outside. That’s right ~ it may be cold but when people don’t have anywhere to be, why not relive the excitement that snow days brought as a kid? These types of opportunities often bring out our inner child, so go with it, get playful and see where it leads. Couples may learn something new about each other, discover something new they can do together (who doesn’t love making snowmen?), and if nothing else, have a good time goofing around together. Recreate the chemicals you experienced when you first fell in love. Take this opportunity to give a 30 second kiss and/or 20 second hug to reconnect and fall back in love.


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