Recently in the NY daily news ( there was an article on young couples not being in a hurry to walk down the aisle.  Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil, known as the #1 Love Expert in the World and the “Adultery Buster” strongly agrees with this article.  “Couples need to see each other in crisis situations, to see how each other handles these situations.  You need to get to know the person and not just in the Honeymoon stage.  Life has many growths and changes, will this person support your dreams and aspirations? Time needs to be taken to get to know the families, after all you are not just marrying him/her, you are marrying the whole family

Some tips Dr. Bonnie recommends is:
* Take time and see each other and see how mature the person is
* The Brush with Death is recommended as couples need to experience life without the other person.  Can they succeed on their own?
* The Brush with Death should be done with specific rules and with no anger.  Leave the door open and know that you are exploring other possibilities.  It is important to take time with other people as well to see how they handle life situations.  Is this person really the one?  The Brush with Death will be a good deciding factor.

Dr. Bonnie Weil has a 98% rate of couples who stay together using her Smart Heart Skills and Dialogue.  These tips and many more can be found in her book Make Up Don’t Break Up.


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