Shocking revelations about President Obama possibly have an affair on his wife Michelle 2 years ago are starting to unravel.  Supposedly he was caught on surveillance camera as well as a limo drive who has admitted to the accusations.  The affair seems to have occurred with 35 year old Vera Baker who worked on his campaign. Though these accusations may not be from the most reliable of sources, we have yet to speculate or comment on these accusations.  Following history, presidents have a high tendency of adultery due to the Stress, Loss and Separation factor.  It leads to the Bio Chemical Craving for Connection, more power= more risk.  We have seen this with the infamous political figures such as John Edwards and Bill Clinton.  Political profiles have a hard time staying out of the lime light and when adultery is mentioned the media seems to go hay wire.  So we ask ourselves, could these accusations be true?  He would not be the only president who may have been caught being unfaithful, it follows in the path of Bill Clinton, John F Kennedy, Franklin Roosevelt, Warren Harding, Dwight D. Eisenhower and Lyndon Baines Johnson. So we sit and wait to see if these accusations are surely true or not.  Either way the leader of our country will continue his work through the scandal that may rock the white house once again!


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