Women often ask how they can determine if the man they’re dating is someone with whom they can have a viable relationship.  Here are some guidelines on keeping the relationship going and when you should let go.

When to hang in:
  1. He makes movement toward you
  2. He is somewhat conscious of his needs and is willing to be taught about yours
  3. He is willing to look at his distance and closeness issues
  4. He spends more time with you, even if he says he doesn’t want to get serious
  5. He validates your feelings and needs
  6. He is connectable by instruction (Men need a prescription. They are logical and like to know exactly what to do)
When to let go:
  1. He treats you like you’re invisible
  2. He is not spending time with you and keeps making excuses
  3. He puts you last
  4. He can’t meet any of your needs
  5. He calls you demanding (because he can’t meet them)
  6. He’s inconsistent
  7. He’s dishonest
  8. He’s not willing to be conscious of your relationship and work on it together
The natural state for a man is distance.  Once you know this, you don’t take it personally anymore. You get smart and learn how to keep the connection going because as a woman, you are the guardian of the connection.


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