The NFL is investigating Favre following a report that the quarterback had allegedly sent inappropriate messages and pictures to Jenn Sterger when both were with the New York Jets. It is also reported that Favre had allegedly pursued two part-time female massage therapists while with the Jets. Today he has apologized to his teammates for the distraction this news has become on this very important day for Minnesota.  As we all know, Quarterbacks are one of the key players in a football team which makes them very immune to having high amounts of Vasopressin.  Vasopressin is the risk taking, danger seeking hormone that is found within a person that is very powerful.  The more powerful a person is, the more risk taking he will be.  Lets see how Brett will play tonight, if he plays well he is riding high on the thrill seeking.  If he does not play up to par, then there is a chance he is having marital troubles following this release of information.
The reports are mainly concerning inappropriate actions such as texting sexually explicit pictures (sexting it is called) to female massage therapists while he was with the Jets.  Massaging is like magic as it is an attachment skill.  It relieves stress, anxiety, and worry.  Attachment skills such as touching, kissing, massaging give off the cuddle hormone Oxytocin which is emitted after toughing.  Dr. Bonnie Weil specializes in curing the Bio Chemical Craving for Connection and speaks of it in her book Make Up Don’t Break Up.


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